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Purging Dead (And Useless) Apps Via MyPermissions

If you haven’t heard of MyPermissions or if you have (and declined to install this app upon your iDevice) then you need to perform a geek cleansing and download this app right now.

I’ll wait…

…for a few seconds. Installed it? Great!

MyPermissions has been around for awhile but the latest update embraces not only iOS 7 but bids a farewell to their “beta” tag.

One reason why I love this apps is that I can easily conduct a “permissions purge” of various web services, native apps or dead pool companies who still retain access to my social accounts (or to platforms like Dropbox).

Beware of Bugs: Despite the latest and greatest update the app is still slightly buggy as revoking a service can mysteriously render the other revoke buttons “unresponsive.”

To get around this I had to close out the mini pop up window, then restart the app purge again.

Also adding new services to MyPermissions can produce side effects (such as a brief sensation of app slowness followed by confusion and frustration).

Aside from those two major bugs the app works flawlessly! 😉

Needed features: Sadly MyPermissions only supports…

  • Dropbox
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare

…which is great start but the the geek in me wishes that MyPermissions would support other platforms/social platforms like:

Hopefully they’ll introduce more support for extra features in the future, as well as a premium option to help keep the lights on (as well as feed the developers who worked on this app).

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