When Will Pandora Release Pandora Prime?

Note: Pandora Prime exists only in my head. That said (hey that rhymed!), it would be a great idea if they launched this service! At least for me! 🙂

If there are 2 things I loathe about my favorite radio service Pandora, it would the lack of social features and the skip ceiling imposed upon the paying masses (not to mention the numerous free loaders).

While IFTTT integration could open up the service to the socialverse (as their is more to my virtual existence than just Twitter), the skip count ceiling could use some serious rethinking.

Since Pandora is a business whose aim is to generate money (a consequence of employing humans over Cylons)), why not offer a third tier for those of us desiring unlimited skips?

And why not call it Pandora Prime?

Pandora could charge Pandoracs (Pandora fanatics) between $7-$15/month for the privilege of listening to our favorite stations without fear if running into the skip wall of doom!

One More Thing: If Pandora could also provide an international version of their service that would be awesome as most of the planet doesn’t live inside the US of A. 😉