About•Me Makes Name Plates Useful Again

I’m very impressed with the About.me iOS App! (the iOS 7 version to be precise!)

They took a boring and crowded niche (digital name plates) and made them fun again!

I do like the business/social aspect of the app as it helps you to find interesting people minus the “biz spam” (which is why I stopped using LinkedIn).

Oddly though the About.me app is a little slow on the response side (especially tapping on people’s profiles) but aside from that I really love the UI.

A couple of annoyances aside I do plan on upgrading my account from free loader to beta awesome as soon as ICANN approves the domain extension that I desire–and no it’s not this one below!

Until then you can find me at about.me/darnell and if you have an iPhone you might want to add it to your “must have apps” list. 🙂

Note: Sadly there is no About.me app upon Google Play, which means my Android brethren and sistren are (once again) abandoned to the cold (something Windows Phone cultists are use too).