Android and iOS Lovers Can Securely SMS Again (via Silent Circle)

The NSA won’t be pleased about this, but it looks like I can finally send encrypted text messages to my Android brethren and sistren without any hiccups now! 🙂

Silent Circle released an iOS update today that addressed the digital divide between iLovers and Android geeks:

Aside from the cosmetic changes, I can finally setup burn notices that last longer than a day! (which is great if you’re sending confidential files to friends!).

99 days and change seems to be the limit though (although truthfully you probably do not want to send anything over a week).

Sadly I can not change the wall paper to something more glorious–like this image of Sharon “Athena” Agathon) from Battlestar Galactica…

…but alas stylizing my silent circle wall paper is not as important as having private conversations with friends (something I can no longer do within email, FaceTime or Google Hangouts).

Note: To answer future questions, my Silent Circle username is @Darnell and yes I do have a silent circle phone number but…you’ll have to text me to get it! 😛