No More GAM Wars For Me! (Google, Apple, Microsoft)

Being collateral damage of the GAM (Google-Apple-Microsoft) wars is not what I had in mind as a pre-Cylon human being.

Sure, every fan boy (or girl) loves a flame war, but the last thing I want is to be locked into an OS ecosystem (desktop or mobile) because some executive wants to defecate (figuratively) upon the competition.

So for the foreseeable future I’m going to reduce my dependence upon the big three as much as possible by choosing decent alternatives (that don’t suck).

So far I’ve chosen:

  • Vimeo over YouTube
  • Dropbox over Google Drive, iCloud or SkyDrive
  • Remember The Milk over iTasks or Google Tasks
  • over iTunes Radio and Google Music
  • Evernote over iWork, Google Docs, or Office (I do need to find a spreadsheet alternative though)
  • Feedly over Google Currents

For security reasons I’m still using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Chrome and I am experimenting with Silent Circle (as I don’t like my privacy being raped by the NSA).