The IFTTT Factor: Swapping Out Pandora For

Sadly it looks like Pandora will not be embracing social networks beyond Twitter, Facebook or email anytime soon.

“‘Social networks don’t matter as much,’ Conrad told me. Instead, he wants to focus on the social interactions each of us have every day while listening to music in the same physical space. Sure, Pandora also offers options to share music on Twitter and Facebook, but Conrad said that only a small percentage of listeners make use of these features. (via GigaOm)”

Unfortunately Pandora isn’t listed as an active channel upon IFTTT, and although others have created an RSS Pandora channel, they tend to be a bit wonky.

I’m currently experimenting with, which is slightly “rougher” than Pandora (as’s UI and music recommendations are not as refined).

Fortunately has an official channel on IFTTT, which means I can share what I’m listening to upon my ADN stream as well as my personal Tumblr.

I’m still paying for both services (or at least I will be for Pandora until September), but for now it looks like I’ll be using as my default radio service.


  1. How are you “scrobbling” from Pandora? The IFTTT recipe you linked to doesn’t work. I’m not sure where to find my Pandora feed.

    1. Wow…this is an old post! Ironically I switched back to Pandora as their music algorithm was superior. I also use Spotify now. 🙂

  2. But how do I do it? Does it only work if you subscribe to Pandora One?

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