So experiences hunger pangs, now called Cupcake?!

Remember Apparently the founders have renamed their service hosted version of Tent (that would be as…Cupcake? Yes, seriously! is now Cupcake, has upgraded to Tent 0.3 with new infrastructure, and has new service plans. Your username has changed from to Official Cupcake Blog

Truthfully I wish they would have picked a better name (as naming your service after a food is…um…delicious?) but at least they are attempting to expand beyond a simple “alt-Twitter” client.

To my knowledge there are only 2 apps by third party developers for Cupcake/Tent (one for iOS as well as Android).

Note: Hopefully more developers will sign up as there is a thriving market for freemium social protocols/services/etcetera as has proven (the latter which boasts over 250 apps).