My @IFTTT Wish List

Whether you speak geek or English, you have to admit that IFTTT (which stands for “If This, Then That”) is necessary good for netizens traversing the World Wide Web.

Sadly IFTTT is one of the few online kingdoms out there trying to build bridges between realms in an age where every digital empire is trying to build thicker walls, deeper moats (filled with lava!) while surrounding themselves with fire breathing dragons (aka lawyers) threatening to devour and destroy anyone on behalf of the King/Queen (aka CEO).

Although IFTTT does allow users to connect numerous services to each other (even frenemies like Instagram and Twitter), there are a “few” missing (at least to me) that the team should consider adding in the not-so-distant future.

  • Runkeeper: So I can easily share my stats upon and Tumblr (among others)
  • Droplr: To automagically back up images and videos from Instagram, Vimeo, etcetera.
  • Pandora: Because not everyone wants to stream everything they listen to upon Facebook
  • Other News Agencies: NY Times is not the only thing people read nowadays

I could list a few more services but then again IFTTT would start charging me to use their service.

Note: Speaking of charging, IFTTT should require a premium for sharing items within 60 seconds (instead of 900 seconds…er…15 minuets).