Month: August 2013

So experiences hunger pangs, now called Cupcake?!

Remember Apparently the founders have renamed their service hosted version of Tent (that would be as…Cupcake? Yes, seriously! “ is now Cupcake, has upgraded to Tent 0.3 with new infrastructure, and has new service plans. Your username has changed from to Official Cupcake Blog” Truthfully I wish they would have picked a better name (as naming your service after a food is…um…delicious?) but at least they are attempting to expand beyond a simple “alt-Twitter” client. To my knowledge there are only 2 apps by third party developers for Cupcake/Tent (one for iOS as well as Android). Note: Hopefully more developers will sign up as there is a thriving market for freemium social protocols/services/etcetera as has proven (the latter which boasts over 250...

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The IFTTT Factor: Swapping Out Pandora For

Sadly it looks like Pandora will not be embracing social networks beyond Twitter, Facebook or email anytime soon. “‘Social networks don’t matter as much,’ Conrad told me. Instead, he wants to focus on the social interactions each of us have every day while listening to music in the same physical space. Sure, Pandora also offers options to share music on Twitter and Facebook, but Conrad said that only a small percentage of listeners make use of these features. (via GigaOm)” Unfortunately Pandora isn’t listed as an active channel upon IFTTT, and although others have created an RSS Pandora channel, they tend to be a bit wonky. I’m currently experimenting with, which is slightly “rougher” than Pandora (as’s UI and music recommendations are not as refined). Fortunately has an official channel on IFTTT, which means I can share what I’m listening to upon my ADN stream as well as my personal Tumblr. I’m still paying for both services (or at least I will be for Pandora until September), but for now it looks like I’ll be using as my default radio...

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My @IFTTT Wish List

Whether you speak geek or English, you have to admit that IFTTT (which stands for “If This, Then That”) is necessary good for netizens traversing the World Wide Web. Sadly IFTTT is one of the few online kingdoms out there trying to build bridges between realms in an age where every digital empire is trying to build thicker walls, deeper moats (filled with lava!) while surrounding themselves with fire breathing dragons (aka lawyers) threatening to devour and destroy anyone on behalf of the King/Queen (aka CEO). Although IFTTT does allow users to connect numerous services to each other (even frenemies like Instagram and Twitter), there are a “few” missing (at least to me) that the team should consider adding in the not-so-distant future. Runkeeper: So I can easily share my stats upon and Tumblr (among others) Droplr: To automagically back up images and videos from Instagram, Vimeo, etcetera. Pandora: Because not everyone wants to stream everything they listen to upon Facebook Other News Agencies: NY Times is not the only thing people read nowadays I could list a few more services but then again IFTTT would start charging me to use their service. Note: Speaking of charging, IFTTT should require a premium for sharing items within 60 seconds (instead of 900 seconds…er…15...

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App•Net: Why I Joined (And Why I Stay)

A long, long time ago on an iPhone that’s never too far away a man named Dalton Caldwell startled the geekosphere with an audacious proposal that lamented how ad agencies disguised as social networks were ruining the socialverse. Like any self respected geek I read his proposal, wished him luck and went along my merry way as I had other vanity concerns to deal with which included: Why Twitter only displayed the last 3200 tweets Why Facebook started prostituting my name with pseudo endorsements ads Why Google+ (a social network that I loved) wouldn’t allow me to change my username from 107553987488096350949 to Darnell or DarnellClayton (to make it easier for friends to find!) Fast forward a month (or was it two?) and my social vanity scenario was: Twitter still did not provide archive access (**note:** Twitter provided access later on in December of 2012, but only through your computer) Facebook refused to provide an opt out for “Sponsored Ads” so I refused to use their service Discovered that Google+ would only verify profiles of celebrities and people they deemed important I quickly realized that while social networks are often built with excellence, many seemed to ignore creating certain options or features sought out by their beloved masses. As an individual I was nothing more than a stone in the sand to the social overlords; I was part of...

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US Congress split on cutting off aid to Egypt

I should be shocked by this “hesitation” but I’m not. That’s probably because the real issue of cutting off aid to Egypt revolves around money (as it will affect the economy).  My guess is nothing will happen.  In essence in Congress, “money talks, morals walk.”   Shared via feedly // published on ynet – News // visit site US Congress split on cutting off aid to Egypt Growing calls among Republicans to cut off aid to one of America’s most important Mideast allies as others remain hesitant. ‘The fact is, there’s no good guys there,’ says one congressman Visit website Sent via feedly // A news reader for creative...

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