Want Evernote Clearly on iOS? Just use Lightly!

Woke up this morning greeted by another round of boring updates with one exception. 

So like any good geek I went and purchased Lightly for 299 pennies (er…$2.99 USD)

Basically it’s like a stripped down version of Evernote Clearly but for iOS. 
You basically highlight any text in any browser (like Google Chrome)…

…and it will automagically appear the next time you open the Lightly app! (which syncs with your Evernote account). 

Sadly Lightly doesn’t highlight the text in the app that you originally copied from the browser (note: this needed within Lightly) although you can do this yourself manually inside Lightly. 
Update: Apparently Lightly does automagically highly the text within the app, although it didn’t do it for the coffe lover article (others are working fine though). 
Another item Lightly could improve upon is the ability to share upon more social networks (say App.net and Tumblr) but in the age of IFTTT (another great app!) that isn’t as critical any more. 
Ironically I love Lightly so much that I decided to make room for it on my home screen (and yes, I have a whole row dedicated to Evernote and friends!). 

Note: Sadly the official Lightly website (over at LightlyApp.com) is down, although the IgnitionSoft team’s corporate website is up! (http://ignition.hk/).