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Using @IFTTT to semi-automagically push @Medium posts to Twitter

Even though lacks an iOS app (which is desperately needed), I decided that I’m going to attempt to include it on “the list” of platforms to write upon. 

That said what really annoyed me about Medium was the lack of a way to push posts upon Twitter (or even the beloved and since Google’s FeedBurner was not exactly cooperating (sadness) I decided to use iOS app instead. 
If you’re a geek then you don’t need to RTFM (a phrase often repeated to newbie’s apparently–and Google the acronym for the full meaning).
For everyone else who isn’t a geek and has an IFTTT plus Medium account, here is a step-by-step guide to semi-automagically have your Medium posts tweeted to the twitterverse. 
Here we go!

1) Within IFTTT click on the “recipe bowl” icon located in the top right corner. 

2) Then click on the “+” icon in the top right corner. 

3) Search for the orange Feed icon, then tap on the first blue + button. 

4) Type in where “username” is the screen name to your Medium profile (mine is @Darnell for instance). Then tap on the blue Continue button. 

5) Next tap on the red + button

6) Locate the Twitter bird icon on the slider (slide towards the left to view it on the right), then tap on the first blue + icon.


7) Last, tap on the Finish button and now the twitterverse can enjoy your meaty messages upon Medium! 🙂

Note: For those of you on the steps are the same, you just swap out Twitter for 🙂 
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