Want the "Ћ" in iOS? Here’s how!

So Ћ Verge (pun intended) recently wrote an article about one mad scientist plot to make the English language simpler to use by giving a symbol to “the” (sort of like how “and” has “&”). 

Note: I’ll add the links later as Blogger for iOS took away the ability to insert links. Sadness. 🙁 🙂 Links added!

The symbol he chose was: Ћ

If you want to use it upon your iOS device simply tap on the Settings App…

…then tap on the General option…

…then scroll down and tap on the Keyboard option. 

Next, tap on the Keyboards option…

…then tap on Add New Keyboard… option. 

Scroll down until you locate Serbian, and tap on it to add Serbian as a keyboard option. 

Open up a note, blog, etcetera app and after the keyboard pops up tap upon the Globe button (note: you may have to do this multiple times if you have other keyboards. 

Your sacred Ћ symbol will be located in the corner here:

That’s it! Enjoy! 😛