NSA Trend Of Note: I Call Less

So I’ve noticed that I call people less (and vice versa) via the default phone app after discovering that the NSA monitors every phone call in the US of A. 


I barely called before due the prevalence of so many superior alternatives like video calling (via Google+ Hangouts, FaceTime,  etcetera) and messaging (iMessage, Snapchat, App.net, Twitter, et al). 
But after the NSA revelations I have (without realizing it) shifted most of my phone calls to strictly business. 
My data usage (when iPhone isn’t randomly hoping upon WiFi networks) remains the same however. 
Perhaps this all might change later in if I start utilizing secure phone calling apps (as there are many but they are pricy).
But for now it’s getting to the point when phone conversations are becoming less of a feature now that I realize Big Brother is listening to everything I do.