Tumblr Giveth What Twitter Took Away

So after surviving the cheers and jeers of Yahoo purchasing Tumblr (for 1.1 billion according to geek rumors), I was surprised to see an update to the tumblr iOS app. 

Tumblr not only did a slight UI (or user interface in geek) adjustment, but will also inform fellow Tumblrs which app created the post (a feature Twitter supported many moons ago). 

Apparently the boys and girls at Tumblr ditched the previous iOS layout (which looked like this)…

Note: Image via CNET
…and embraced the layout beloved by many Android fans. 🙂

Tumblr also is supporting App attribution which works for services like Flipboard…

…as well as Instagram…

…but surprisingly other services like Vimeo, and even Yahoo’s own Flickr are not supported (at least not yet). 
These changes should make Tumblr a lot easier to use, although truth be told I do wish we could insert audio posts via the app (as calling in posts is great if you have signal).