Got Get Felix!!

If is for conversations then Felix (by Bill Kunz of Tigerbears fame) is the high tech radio that filters out the noise while enhancing the signal.

Although known for sporting the best user interface of any or Twitter client app (third party as well as official ones), Felix’s filtering tech allows you to “collapse” posts upon other accounts based upon the tool used to create the account.

So if someone or a large number of people are cross posting every link from their blog (or another social network) via Twitterfeed, IFTTT,, Buffer, etcetera, you can collapse their posts from view without having to pick up the ban hammer.

This has made conversations much more enjoyable upon as I get to see and engage in conversations with people instead of robots or pseudo social media experts.

If you don’t have an account yet (but want a free one) then contact me with your email address and I’ll forward you an invite from my limited supply (which as of today I can now do from within the Felix app!).

Image Credit: Tigerbears