Month: April 2013

Bug: Apparently Google+ Hates Blogger’s HTML Permalinks

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m trying to insert a Blogger permalink within Google+ (at least via their iOS app) I encounter the “invalid link” error. After much testing I discovered that the issue has less to do with Blogger and more to do with Google+ who for reasons beyond comprehension will not recognize links ending in “.html” (although “.htm” is fine. Worse, if I simple remove the “L” at the end (making the link “.htm”) Google+ recognizes it as valid when in reality the permalink doesn’t work at all! I’ve illustrated out the problem using the pictures below (for the visually stimulated), but hopefully Google+ fixes this problem soon. And as a bonus rewards me with a custom URL (I kid, I...

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Tumblr Mobile Ads Need Better Targeting

So Tumblr has finally decided to embrace their identity as a social media company (just like Twitter) and is now rolling out mobile ads across the Tumblverse. While the ads seem to be far more effective than Twitter ads (I’m seeing far more reblogs and likes on ads compared to retweets and stars on Twitter) they are not really relevant to me. This is probably due to the fact that its harder to target personal sites than informational sites (which explains why Facebook sucks at advertising things that people care about) but either way I wish I could just tell Tumblr that ads depicting cats and “The Great Gatsby” are annoying (shown below). Hopefully the Lords of Tumblr can refine their algorithms that will display things that matter to me (food, tech, politics, etcetera) as there are only so many hair balls and glitzy girls (with too much makeup on) that this blogger can...

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Mailbox Isn’t For Me

After hearing that Mailbox (who is now owned by Dropbox) had embraced reason by dropping the reservation list I decided to download the app and give it for a spin. The app is ok and although it reminds me of a cross between an RSS Reader and a todo list, it seemed to “dumb down” my Gmail account when all I wanted to do is read my mail. Truth be told I’m not a fan of archiving messages (note: can someone tell me the value of archiving a message?) and starring a conversation is how I alert myself to read a message later. While I think the app would work well with hard core GTD geeks, Mailapp just adds extra complexity for me when it comes to figuring out what to do with my message. While the swiping feature is nice, I don’t like the fact that a long swipe right throws the message away. Then there is also the “unread bug.” Grrr!!!! Switching back to Gmail’s official app for...

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Got Get Felix!!

If is for conversations then Felix (by Bill Kunz of Tigerbears fame) is the high tech radio that filters out the noise while enhancing the signal. Although known for sporting the best user interface of any or Twitter client app (third party as well as official ones), Felix’s filtering tech allows you to “collapse” posts upon other accounts based upon the tool used to create the account. So if someone or a large number of people are cross posting every link from their blog (or another social network) via Twitterfeed, IFTTT,, Buffer, etcetera, you can collapse their posts from view without having to pick up the ban hammer. This has made conversations much more enjoyable upon as I get to see and engage in conversations with people instead of robots or pseudo social media experts. If you don’t have an account yet (but want a free one) then contact me with your email address and I’ll forward you an invite from my limited supply (which as of today I can now do from within the Felix app!). Image Credit:...

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Chrome for iOS Update…

…is now live! I’m loving the full screen mode (which is activated when scrolling down). I have not tried printing from the app yet (as I rarely print anything unless it deals with the...

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