Too much information? Noise reduction apps that iLove

Since being an ignoramus isn’t one of my life’s goals, I try to stay enlightened on current events affecting planet Earth (and beyond).

You can call me vain, but there are a zillion things I’d rather do than read about corrupt politicians, health hazards, corporate fiasco’s, or “pending” environmental Armageddon’s that always threaten life as we know it (depending on which scientists you follow).

Since eating contaminated food, getting plundered by bad laws, or sucker punched by a cold, corporate entity is not how I envision living life to the fullest, I use several apps to help me filter out the noise from a variety of sources.


Flipboard is an elegant news aggregator that automagically sifts though the headlines of the day, as well as my various social streams upon Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Although there are similar apps out there (like Undrip which I love due to its integration), Flipboard is the best app available for humans (read: non-geeks/information addicts).


Feedly is another app you should use, which (if you’re an information addict) syncs with your dying Google Reader account.

You can even add sites you want to subscribe too as well, allowing you to view the news sans algorithmic filters.

Note: With Google killing off Google Reader soon, using Feedly is highly recommended as they will effortlessly migrate your subscriptions away from Google Reader upon secure servers which they run.


Obviously your taste will vary as there are numerous others apps available upon the App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World or Windows Market that will suit your needs.

Regardless of how you receive your news (even if its via radio or TV), don’t be an ignoramus and discover what is happening in the world.

At least beyond entertainment, sports, fashion and comedy shows.