If Android And iOS Were Gardens…

Whenever people ask me which mobile iOS is better I always ask them what is it that they’re looking for.

If the person is the “happy-go-lucky-goes-into-meltdown-over-glitches” type then I recommend iOS.

If they are the “analytical-deep-thought-must-customize-everything” type then I recommend Android.

But what about other platforms like Blackberry, Firefox OS, Windows Phone, Tizen, etcetera?

To me the major difference between all the platforms is this:

iOS: A walled garden where you can play and have fun without fear of anything deadly biting or stinging you. (like New Zealand)

Android: A wild jungle providing you the resources to build an extravagant fortress, as long as you a kid the deadly creatures seeking to devour you. (translation: viruses)

Windows Phone: An ugly walled garden with semi-ugly plants.

Blackberry: A walled garden with one wall broken. You can haul in stuff from the jungle but it may clash with the domestic wildlife. (Translation: side loading Android apps like Instagram is possible but not pretty)

Firefox OS: A walled garden where everything dies every evening. (Translation: web apps only work when there is signal)

Tizen: An abandoned garden.

So those are my thoughts about each mobile OS via allegory. Did I leave anything out?

Image Credit: Daderot via Wikipedia